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Oral Medicine & Radiology

With high quality tech support and top – ranked professionals SBB Dental College is rated among the other Dental College, Ghaziabad one of the top Private Dental College in Delhi NCR.
In this oral medicine Radiology, we provide the BDS and MDS Course students medical equipments like RVG, OPG, Intra Oral Camera etc and friendly atmosphere so that students can feel stress free to concentrate more on the practical dealing with oral diseases.
Oral Radiology deals with the radiation and its application in dental science with diagnostic imaging of oral and maxillofacial structures and interpretation of oral diseases.
This department acts as a bridge for medical and dental specialities with the object of providing total health of an individual.
The branch undertakes early detection, diagnosis and management of precancerous and cancerous lesions of oral cavity.
The Radiology unit is equipped with Digital Panoramic Machines, Automatic film processors and equipped dark rooms.
The department offers specialisation training in BDS and MDS Course students as the subject is taught for third and final year clinical course for BDS and a three-year residency programme for MDS Course.

The Department of Oral Medicine and radiology trains students in the art of history writing, oral diagnosis, oral radiology and interpretation of radio graphic images with therapeutic management of the diseases.
The Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology takes great pleasure and pride that most skilled professors are
Our faculty members with most advanced methods to teach the students and make the class more interactive.
They help in making our students more knowledge and competitive at par with any other institute around the country.
Our Oral Medicine Centre with its diverse patient population, offers an excellent training ground for residents to gain and increase their knowledge on wide range of oral diseases and conditions.
This department is headed by Dr. Parvathi Devi M. making the speciality functions as an academic bridge between medicine and dentistry.

Oral Medicine & Radiology expert is indispensable for any big medical challenges whether medical hospitals, dental colleges.