Dental Departments

Dental Departments

Welcome to Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College & research centre where teaching is joy, treating is soothing and learning is fun. Since times immemorial people have valued an attractive smile & healthy teeth. We have taken up the mantle of providing beautiful smiles along with total oral health. We are a friendly and supportive institute with exceptionally good professional teaching. Our evidence based curriculum teaches students to rely on solid data to treat patients. The course content is modern, integrated and well paced with emphasis on research & innovation. The college educates the dentists to see the correlation between research & clinical practice as seamless. In the area of patient care the college provides quality, affordable, comprehensive care for all ages. All of the latest dental treatment & techniques are available here.

We started out in 2004 as a Dental college providing BDS course. After 10 successful years we ventured into the arena of post graduation and have since been offering the MDS course in eight subjects. With around 100 seats per year in BDS & 30 seats per year in MDS we are still a relatively small dental school. Our size and location mean that there is a strong sense of community and that we have an abundance of clinical material. The dental college contains clinical skills laboratory which closely simulates the real clinical experience and is an invaluable learning facility, helping new students prepare for patient care work.

Prosthodontics And Crown & Bridge

Prosthodontics is a part of dentistry in which the restoration and maintenance of oral function are taken into account. They are done by the replacement of missing teeth and by artificial substitutes as a denture, crown, bridge, and implants. BDS and MDS students learn the basic preclinical Prosthodontics work with thorough research.

The department is well equipped with the most modern instruments and is under the surveillance of well-qualified teaching members under the guidance of Dr. Sukant Sahoo, Professor, and Head.

Undergraduate Curriculum

The undergraduate training begins from the first year of BDS & continues till the final year. The students learn the basic preclinical Prosthodontics work & manipulation of dental materials in their first & second year of BDS. Students are trained to fabricate removable and fixed, complete & partial dentures during their academic session.

Postgraduate Curriculum

The teaching program for postgraduate students is strictly followed as per the regulation of the Dental Council of India. That includes preclinical as well as clinical curriculum. Training is given in complete denture, removable partial denture, fixed Prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthetics, Implant dentistry, esthetical dentistry & TMJ, and occlusion-related cases.


Prosthodontics is one of the eight recognized specialties of dentistry. Prosthetic dentistry is the dental specialty which deals with the diagnosis, treatment, planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance & health of patients & clinical conditions associated with missing and deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes.

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

This department encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of dental caries and includes techniques and procedures to restore the teeth to full function and appearance. In this, Root Canal therapy and associated surgical procedures are done to get rid of the tooth of its offending malady. This department has two sections of art clinical, one for Bachelors of Dental Surgery BDS Course where basic treatments are done and another one for Masters of Dental Surgery MDS Course students where advanced treatments are taught. This department of SBB Dental College is also fully entitled to high-tech support equipment for instance X-rays unit and RVG with various latest restorative materials for students to use in practical and clinical procedures if required.

The BDS Course 2nd-year students have simulators, phantom heads for training with 39 fully electronic dental chairs and students are also well trained in decision making, planning, and execution under the guidance of Dr. Mohit Sharma, the head of the department at SBB Dental College.

It has equipped ceramic as well as casting laboratory and also isolated operatory that helps MDS Course students to deliver surgical endodontic procedures.

Digital radiography & intraoral imaging, apex locators, dentine desensitizer, E&Q plus meta-Biomed thermo-plasticized G.P. system, all modern state of the art used by our students under well-trained faculties.

The following treatment is provided here:

  • RCT.
  • All types of restorations.
  • Smile/aesthetic correction.
  • Management of trauma cases.
  • Surgical cases.
  • Glass ionomer restorations.
  • Amalgam restorations.
  • Composite restorations.
  • Cast metal restorations.
  • Full coverage restorations.

Key Features

  • Separate Clinical areas for BDS and MDS Course students.
  • Ceramic and casting lab.
  • Presence of modern equipment like apex locators, radio vision graph, endo motors, obtruding systems, and Art (ART).

Art History (ART H)

Design (DESIGN)

Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopeadic

This subject starts in the 2nd year of BDS. Students of MDS and BDS are trained under the top-ranked faculties, to provide treatment to all age groups. It also offers consultation services for other departments with Dental College Ghaziabad. The syllabus provided in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BDS, and the Master of Dental Surgery, MDS programmes are under the guidelines of the Dental Council of India, the body responsible for certifying all dental subjects. All staff members must attend lectures, study days, conferences in India as well as abroad as it is considered an essential part of the curriculum. All orthodontics starting from consultation to routine check-ups, treatment cleft lip, palate, dental surgery are undertaken in this department. Also, we offer orthognathic surgery in association with other specialties like ENT, plastic surgery. We do Oral Surgery and adult orthodontic as well.

The department undertakes treatment of crooked, broken, irregular, and protruding teeth to improve the aesthetics of the patient. For MDS students, the department conducts seminars, CDE, journal clubs, and interdepartmental activities. The department has the latest equipment to help BDS and MDS Course students learn and understand the theoretical as well as the practical implications of these practices in the dental department. The acumen includes computerized cephalometric software, digital SLR camera with a separate photography room. The department has separate UG and PG sections along with HOD rooms, library, and laboratory, and sterilization room. SBB is counted in the Best College for BDS and also in the Best College for MDS category for its excellent and honest education under reasonable budget contribution in the health education field. Dr. Sunanda Roychoudhary is the professor and Head of this department and a well-reputed faculty of SBB Dental College, Ghaziabad.

Under her guidelines, we also offer treatment modalities like:

  • Fix mechanotherapy.
  • Removable Appliances.
  • Myofunctional Appliances.
  • Lingual Orthodontics.
  • Self-ligating techniques.
  • Mini implant supported orthodontics.
  • Accelerated Orthodontics.

Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

This department is specially set up for children and to make them aware of their oral hygiene. It has well-trained teaching staff and the infrastructures are breath-taking as the department consists of a colourful child-friendly operatory, counselling room, X-Ray room. SBB Dental College provides primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for children. The treatment here carried out on children includes habit-breaking appliances, interceptive orthodontics treatment, space maintainers, and management of development for disabled and medically compromised children.

In this department, the students of BDS and MDS also learn how to deal with children patiently and how to understand the problem they are facing if they are not able to fully express themselves.

This department believes that “every child has the fundamental right to total oral health” and we strive towards achieving this till the end.

Our clinic provides comprehensive oral health examinations, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, restorative procedures, extractions, minor surgical procedures, and urgent care like trauma, infection when needed. These services can be completed using inhalation sedation, moderate sedation, and general anaesthesia. Preventive dentistry is one of the most important aspects of dental treatment and is thus an aged-defined speciality. The department is guided under Dr. Arun Sharma, the professor and head of SBB Dental College, and operates a general paediatric clinic. Faculties here provide leadership in the right direction with a positive and right attitude towards the BDS and the MDS Course students by conducting research and other scholarly activities. Our mission is to provide every child the best oral health care. We offer children of all age groups a full spectrum of services, at every stage of their lives from infant to adolescence stage till becoming an adult.

The Department also performs full mouth rehabilitation under General Anaesthesia in collaboration with the Department of Anaesthesia.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

The department has a team of highly qualified, dedicated, and experienced faculty along with paramedical staff to deal with emergencies. All kinds of major and minor maxillofacial including trauma are diagnosed here. Students of BDS and MDS are practically trained with the latest equipment and necessary infrastructure required for their understanding. Various academic activities are held to keep students and the staff updated with the latest happenings in the maxillofacial field. It is an advanced surgical specialty department of SBB Dental College. Major and minor surgeries are managed here; let us see different procedures of each.

Major procedures:

  • Maxillofacial Trauma.
  • TMJ Ankylosis.
  • Jaw cyst.
  • Onco surgery.
  • Orofacial clefts and facial deformity.
  • Salivary Gland Disorders.

Minor Procedures:

  • Dental extractions.
  • Impactions.
  • Orofacial Pain.
  • TMJ Disorders.
  • Odontogenic Infections.
  • Dental Implants.

Like other SBB Dental college departments, this also has separate labs, rooms for UG and PG students with well-equipped minor OT providing both in-patient and out-patient care. Dr. Gagan Khare is the Head of this department. Our goal is to make this department one of the best maxillofacial centres in the region and to prepare the best maxillofacial surgeons in the field and also the Best College for BDS and MDS Course.

Oral Medicine & Radiology

With high-quality tech support and top-ranked professionals, SBB Dental College is rated among the other Dental Colleges of Ghaziabad as one of the top Private Dental College in Delhi NCR.

In this Oral Medicine Radiology, we provide the BDS and MDS Course students with medical equipment like RVG, OPG, Intra Oral Camera, etc. and a friendly atmosphere so that students can be stress-free so that they can concentrate more on the practical dealing with oral diseases.

Oral Radiology deals with radiation and its application in dental science with diagnostic imaging of oral and maxillofacial structures and interpretation of oral diseases.

This department acts as a bridge for medical and dental specialties to ensure the overall health of an individual.

The branch undertakes early detection, diagnosis, and management of precancerous and cancerous lesions of the oral cavity.

The Radiology unit is equipped with Digital Panoramic Machines, Automatic film processors, and equipped dark rooms.

The department offers specialization training to BDS and MDS Course students as the subject is taught in the third and final year clinical course of BDS and a three-year residency program for MDS Course.

The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology trains students in the art of history writing, oral diagnosis, oral radiology, and interpretation of radiographic images with therapeutic management of the diseases.

The Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology takes great pleasure and pride that the most skilled professors are Our faculty members have the most advanced methods to teach the students and make the class more interactive and inclusive.

They help in making our students more knowledgeable and become more competitive with any other institute around the country.

Our Oral Medicine Centre with its diverse patient population offers an excellent training ground for residents to gain and increase their knowledge on a wide range of oral diseases and conditions.

This department is headed by Dr. Rohit Malik making the specialty functions as an academic bridge between medicine and dentistry.

Oral Medicine & Radiology expert is indispensable for any big medical challenges whether medical hospitals, dental colleges.


The Department of Periodontics provides didactic and clinic instruction in Periodontology at the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels. The department provides instruction via continuing dental education courses to practicing dentists and hygienists. The training is adjusted to the level of competency of the student. The clinical areas of instruction include periodontal examination, diagnosis, treatment planning, case presentation and communication, therapies, and outcome assessments in otherwise healthy as well as medically compromised patients.

The didactic areas of instruction include the normal periodontium at the macro and microscopic level, periodontal pathology including intra-oral lesions associated with periodontal conditions, periodontal microbiology and immunology, pain control and pharmacology applicable to periodontal treatments, cell biology, wound healing including periodontal regeneration, dental implantology, case management, epidemiology and statistics in Periodontology.

Research methodology is primarily taught to postgraduate students. Faculty members actively participate in basic and applied sciences research and provide students instruction and guidance in the research. The current primary areas of research include, but are not limited to, studies of cellular and humoral immunity in periodontal disease, the microbiology of the periodontal infection, periodontal regeneration, implant procedures and outcome assessments, periodontal diagnostics, HIV infection in the periodontium, and epidemiology.

Key features

  • Undergraduate students are trained with skills to render non-surgical and preventive periodontal procedures and are introduced to surgical periodontal procedures by observing and assisting as procedures are being performed.
  • Postgraduate students are allowed to learn and master a variety of surgical clinical procedures.
  • Hands-on training in various implant systems and clinical exposure to the use of lasers is being imparted as part of the curriculum.
  • Rural community camps provide students with an opportunity to be a part of public health programs.

Core competencies

  • Regenerative periodontal therapy.
  • Periodontal plastic and aesthetic surgery.
  • Local drug delivery.
  • Research in Periodontal Medicine.
  • Preventive periodontal care.

The branch of dentistry that studies supporting structures of teeth. The department of Periodontology at SBB Dental College Ghaziabad was established in 2005 with a fully equipped sterilization room, minor OT, for surgical procedure discussion room, and computer set up with Wi-Fi. For MDS the Post Graduate students are given chance to learn and master surgical and non-surgical clinical procedures and also given hands-on training and practicing the outpatients of the department.

Oral Pathology

This department deals with the abnormal historical structures of tissues, the morphological features of the teeth, and also the diseased cavity of oral tissue. Here students of SBB Dental College first learn the basic normal structure and then the diseased structure forming cavity. All this is taught in the 2nd year of the BDS Course in Dental Anatomy & Dental Histology. The affecting part is then studied in the 3rd year of BDS Course in which students are taught about “BIOPSY”. The department of oral maxillofacial pathology caters to patients of oral biopsy investigations done by the expert technician under the guidance of an oral pathologist.

The department has a research microscope with CCD which serves the dual purpose of reporting slides during training and also demonstrating media to the BDS Course students.

There is a museum consisting of dental hard tissues and specimens for teaching purposes near the department to make junior residents and intern students understand this training more easily in the routine lab investigative procedures.

Services offered:

  • Cytopathology reporting.
  • Histopathology reporting.
  • Immunological investigations are likely to be introduced.
  • Haematological investigations.

Our department is guided and headed under Dr. Jalaj Tak do have the latest technology advancement in pathology like a fluorescent microscope, research microscope, etc.

Public Health Dentistry

This department is headed by Dr. Puneet Kumar educating students on personal hygiene, early recognition, diagnosis & preventive treatment of a disease. Dental health programs and camps are held by Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College weekly to serve rural masses and aim at promoting physical as well as mental health care. We are among the top Private Dental Colleges in Delhi-NCR providing health education to BDS and MDS Course students with full honesty and dedication.

So, we do care for our students too hence we have our dental chair units with all ultra-modern accessories installed in the college mobile dental care bus.

Department emphasizes on:

  • Awareness of oral health.
  • Free checks and medicine distribution.
  • Well-equipped mobile dental van.
  • Daily Dept. Patient screening & evaluation.
  • Infection control and sterilization.
  • Oral health promotion.
  • Adaptation of villages.
  • Pick up and drop facilities for the patients.
  • Achieving global oral health.