Dear Student’s

Congratulations on embarking upon the career of dentistry. It is a beautiful profession as it allows you to serve humanity and this in turn is a source of immense satisfaction. A satisfied person is a happy person. A happy person spreads happiness in his professional, social as well as personal space, which is the essence of life.

Dentistry is a science, art and skill. It will be an interesting mix of scientific learning in the classrooms and practically executing the same in clinics. The first - and second-year curriculum mostly will consist of acquiring the scientific knowledge followed by learning the practical methods using your motor skills on the phantom heads. These pre-clinical exercises are very important before you embark upon the real patients in clinics, which will be a very exciting phase and will start in your third year, culminating into fourth year where you would be allowed to do more challenging work.

Dentistry gives you the option of being self- employed entrepreneurs or business owners or being salaried. The opportunities are huge. It is public dealing so it also subtly hones your skills towards social interactions and makes you a better person. Always remember it is public service, so be humble, polite and empathetic. You have the ability to heal in more ways than one.

It gives you a position of authority, a position of importance & with it comes a lot of responsibility, enjoy your status but never misuse it. All these positives put together make your personality and prepare you with all the ingredients to be successful in all spheres of life.

So I can not let you be passive,I will push you without losing you. It will be an intense curriculum. Attendance will be mandatory and will be monitored very strictly. You will be required to complete your quota of work in each year to get promoted to the subsequent year. There will be three terminal exams every year the average of which will be your internal assessment marks.

See challenges as opportunities and never stop learning.

Dr. Sunanda Roy Choudhury