Medical Departments

Medical Departments

Welcome to Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College & research centre where teaching is joy, treating is soothing and learning is fun. Since times immemorial people have valued an attractive smile & healthy teeth. We have taken up the mantle of providing beautiful smiles along with total oral health. We are a friendly and supportive institute with exceptionally good professional teaching. Our evidence based curriculum teaches students to rely on solid data to treat patients. The course content is modern, integrated and well paced with emphasis on research & innovation. The college educates the dentists to see the correlation between research & clinical practice as seamless. In the area of patient care the college provides quality, affordable, comprehensive care for all ages. All of the latest dental treatment & techniques are available here.

We started out in 2004 as a Dental college providing BDS course. After 10 successful years we ventured into the arena of post graduation and have since been offering the MDS course in eight subjects. With around 100 seats per year in BDS & 30 seats per year in MDS we are still a relatively small dental school. Our size and location mean that there is a strong sense of community and that we have an abundance of clinical material. The dental college contains clinical skills laboratory which closely simulates the real clinical experience and is an invaluable learning facility, helping new students prepare for patient care work.

Human Anatomy

This is one of the most important departments which start in the 1st Year of BDS course. This department studies Human Body science. The department has well-equipped museums, a histology laboratory, and a dissection hall. The knowledge gained here is really helpful in applying surgical procedures at the time of the clinical approach. There are 15 dissection tables with dissected specimens which are kept to show to MDS and BDS freshmen who got admission to this Dental College.

The human anatomy department in this college comprises of human body museum with 63 models, 30 monocular and 5 binocular microscopes for the MDS course students. The dissection is done by the students themselves under the table guidance of their teachers. Regular demonstration, stage viva, theory tests, and term examinations are conducted.

Human Physiology

The prime focus of this department is on the physiology of cells, organs, and tissues and their interrelationship. Here at SBBDC, BDS 1st Year students get training like CVS, respiratory system, GIT, CNS, and this training helps the BDS and the MDS students to examine their patients in the subject like medicine & Surgery. The knowledge of normal human body functions helps the BDS and MDS course students to better understand and co-relate to the derangement taught in higher disciplines like Pathology. This department has two labs, one is haematology to carry out normal blood experiments and the other is the Human lab to examine different systems like respiratory, CVS, sensory/motor labs systems.


Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College & Research Centre has high-tech independent research biochemistry labs which have all the required kits and labs for students of BDS and MDS courses.

For proper treatment, the right pathological & Biochemical test ware is needed, and keeping this thought in mind, this department is built with the motto of serving sound knowledge theoretically as well as practically for the betterment and growth of students.

We follow and live on the principles that, “perfect as the wing of a bird maybe, it will never enable the bird to fly if unsupported by air” and a genius without support is like a diamond in the mine. Similarly, the Biochemistry lab is playing an important role in helping students as well as the institution to achieve their targets.

General Pathology

This department is well equipped with binocular microscopes, computerized microscopic projector slides to help the BDS and MDS Course students understand more deeply with O.H.P. flow charts and photographs. General Pathology gives detailed explanations scientifically about the structural and functional changes that are seen in the diseased organs and tissues. With rigorous efforts, SBB Dental College, Ghaziabad has more than 30 specimens and 600 Histopathology and haematology slides.


This department deals with the causative agents of infectious diseases of humans, their reaction to such infections, and the methods of the diagnosis. It provides all the required facilities that are needed for practical experience in microbiological diagnosis, isolation of microorganisms from human teeth, and biochemical testing for dental caries by Snyder test. This department also has a cultural media room, inoculation room, sterilization room, and washing room to help each student understand this basic and important part of dental study. The department has all the facilities to make students aware of the clinical diagnosis of infectious disease with a particular emphasis on the problems related to dental disease.

Students are also taught about culturing isolation, colony characteristics, serological testing, and antibiotic susceptibility testing of microbes. The department is equipped with binoculars, microscopes, laminar airflow, BOD incubator, centrifuge, autoclave, pH meter, oven, VDRL shakes, water bath, and UV cabinet, magnetic stirrer slides of infectious microorganisms.


It is the most important subject which not only deals with drugs but also with other enormous branches with different aspects of medical professional practice.

SBBDC has a department of pharmacology that gives background knowledge of drugs and equips students with the art of writing rational prescriptions. It helps students to gain confidence in them and face any challenge in the medical and dental field.

General Medicine

The Medicine department of Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College is a fully functional department with the state of the art equipment and instruments for imparting sound dental education to the BDS and MDS students. It has got a running medical OPD with 550 beds attached with other medical and Dental Colleges.

General medicine is the subject that begins in the 3rd year of BDS. The students here learn how to anticipate any emergency and deal with them like professionals.

General Surgery

This department helps students to understand the importance of surgery in the medical and dental fields.

It is taught as a subject to 3rd year BDS students through didactic sessions and clinical cases emphasizing on a patient’s disease through clinical approach and modalities of surgical treatment.

The SBB Dental College, Ghaziabad is located at NH 24 strategically so that it is prepared to admit and treat patients any time.

The Department of General Surgery has well-equipped high technology attachments and training facilities where students are given skilled education at a broad level in every sense with all the necessary and required equipment.


Anaesthesia helps patients go unconscious so that they cannot feel any pain during any operative procedures.

Here, students get to learn about the effects and side effects and also about the general anaesthetic medicines.

Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College believes in giving the best and real success to students with true learning, knowledge, and the right guidance.