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Now 28 2019

The Role of Research in Advancing Dental Sciences: Opportunities for Students


Welcome to the exciting world of dental research! At Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College, a Top Dental College in Ghaziabad, we believe in nurturing the next generation of dental professionals who are not only proficient in clinical skills but also actively contribute to the advancement of dental sciences through research. In this article, we will delve into the significance of research in dentistry, explore the myriad opportunities available for students to engage in meaningful research endeavours and why choosing the Best Dental Colleges in Delhi NCR is important to carry out the study in advance research facility.

Why Research Matters in Dental Sciences

Dental research serves as the cornerstone for innovation and progress in oral healthcare. By delving into the intricacies of dental diseases, treatment modalities, and preventive measures, researchers can devise novel solutions to address oral health challenges. Through research, we gain valuable insights into the underlying mechanisms of dental conditions, paving the way for the development of more effective diagnostic tools and treatment protocols. It serves as a driving force behind the development of new techniques, materials, and treatments, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes. By delving into research, students not only contribute to the collective knowledge but also hone their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential for their future careers as dental professionals. So, make an informed decision while choosing the college for your MDS specialisation, the MDS Course Duration is 3 years and you will have an ample amount of time to complete 2 research projects successfully. The Top Dental Colleges in Ghaziabad knows the importance of research in the field of medicine. At Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College, we provide the perfect platform to carry out these activities.

Challenges in Dental Research

Despite its importance, dental research is not without its challenges. Limited funding, access to resources, and regulatory hurdles often pose significant obstacles for researchers. Moreover, the interdisciplinary nature of dental research necessitates collaboration across various fields, which can sometimes be logistically challenging.

Filling Knowledge Gaps

Research endeavours aim to address unanswered questions and fill knowledge gaps in various aspects of dental sciences, ranging from basic biology to clinical practice. Whether it’s exploring the aetiology of oral diseases or investigating the efficacy of novel treatment modalities, research endeavours shed light on previously uncharted territories, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements.

Driving Innovation

Innovation thrives on the foundation laid by research. Through experimentation and exploration, researchers uncover novel solutions to existing challenges, leading to the development of innovative dental technologies, materials, and methodologies. These advancements not only improve the efficiency and effectiveness of dental procedures but also enhance patient comfort and satisfaction.

Opportunities for Students

As students of Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College, you have the unique opportunity to immerse yourselves in the world of dental research. Engaging in research activities not only enhances your understanding of dental concepts but also equips you with invaluable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific inquiry.

Research Facilities at Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College

Our college boasts state-of-the-art research facilities equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. From well-equipped laboratories to access to extensive databases and libraries, students have access to all the resources needed to conduct cutting-edge research.

Faculty Support and Mentorship

Our experienced faculty members serve as mentors and guides, providing invaluable support throughout the research process. Whether you need assistance in formulating research questions, designing experiments, or analysing data, our faculty members are here to help you every step of the way.

Skill Enhancement

Participating in research cultivates a diverse skill set essential for success in the field of dentistry. From conducting literature reviews and designing experiments to analysing data and presenting findings, students develop proficiency in various research methodologies, enhancing their academic prowess and employ-ability.

Networking Opportunities

Collaborating on research projects fosters connections with faculty members, fellow students, and professionals in the dental community. These networking opportunities not only facilitate knowledge exchange but also open doors to mentorship, internships, and future career prospects.

Types of Research Projects

Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College provides a conducive environment for students to engage in research across a broad spectrum of topics encompassing preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry. Whether it’s exploring the bio-mechanics of dental implants or investigating the properties of novel restorative materials, students have ample opportunities to delve into areas of interest under the guidance of experienced faculty mentors. Whether you’re interested in exploring the molecular mechanisms of periodontal disease or conducting clinical trials for new dental materials, there’s something for everyone.

Collaborative Research Initiatives

We encourage students to collaborate with their peers as well as faculty members on research projects. Collaborative research not only fosters creativity and innovation but also allows students to learn from each other’s diverse perspectives and expertise.

Student-Led Initiatives

The college encourages student-led research initiatives, empowering aspiring researchers to pursue projects aligned with their interests and aspirations. From conceptualisation to execution, students take ownership of their research endeavours, nurturing their creativity and initiative.

Publication Opportunities

Publishing research findings in peer-reviewed journals is a crucial step in disseminating knowledge and contributing to the scientific community. Our college provides guidance and support to students interested in publishing their research work, helping them navigate the publication process with ease.

Conference Presentations

Presenting research findings at conferences and seminars provides students with valuable opportunities to showcase their work, receive feedback from experts in the field, and expand their professional network. Our college actively supports students in presenting their research at both national and international conferences.

Funding and Grants

Securing funding for research projects can often be challenging, especially for students. However, our college provides assistance in identifying potential funding opportunities and preparing grant proposals, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder students’ research aspirations.

Building a Research Portfolio

Building a strong research portfolio is essential for students planning to pursue further studies or embark on a career in academia or research. By actively participating in research projects, presenting at conferences, and publishing their work, students can demonstrate their passion for research and distinguish themselves in the competitive landscape.

Networking and Professional Development

Networking plays a crucial role in the field of dental research, opening doors to collaboration, mentorship, and career opportunities. Our college organises various networking events, workshops, and seminars to facilitate interaction between students, faculty members, and professionals in the field.

Facilities Available

To support research activities, the college is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including laboratories, libraries, and digital archives. These facilities provide students with access to cutting-edge technologies and literature essential for conducting high-quality research.

Guidance and Support

Faculty members play a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring students throughout their research journey. With their expertise and experience, faculty mentors provide valuable insights, constructive feedback, and encouragement, empowering students to realise their full potential as researchers.

Success Stories

Over the years, several students from Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College have made significant contributions to dental research and have gone on to establish themselves as leaders in the field. Their success stories serve as inspiration for current students, showcasing the endless possibilities that await those who are passionate about research.


In conclusion, research plays a pivotal role in advancing dental sciences, and students of Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College have a wealth of opportunities to get involved in research activities. By choosing this college to study BDS and followed by MDS is the best decision a student would take. As compared to the BDS Course Fees in Private College, Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College have a reasonable fee structure. In addition, college also provides scholarship and Educational Loan Facilities for its students.

For Further information, visit here. By embracing these opportunities, students can not only expand their knowledge and skills but also contribute to the collective efforts aimed at improving oral health outcomes worldwide.


Are there any prerequisites for participating in research activities at Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College?

There are no specific prerequisites for participating in research activities. However, a keen interest in dental sciences and a willingness to learn are essential.

Can undergraduate students participate in research projects, or is it limited to postgraduate students?

Research opportunities are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. We believe in fostering a research-oriented culture from the early stages of education.

How can I find a research mentor at the college?

You can approach faculty members whose research interests align with your area of Interest. At, Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College experienced and expert faculties are present in various field of Dentistry to support students in their endeavour.

Can I collaborate with students from other departments or institutions on research projects?

Yes, Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College provides ample opportunity to its students to collaborate with the students of other departments or institutions on research projects.

Are there any scholarships or grants available to support research endeavours?

Yes, there are scholarships and grants available to support research endeavours.